Dirt devil

Perfectly equipped for rough terrain

The GS Trophy design and off-road tyres indicate that you won't be spending too long on the asphalt on this bike. Next exit: wilderness. Just you and your bike. There is only room for your ambitions on the single seat bench. The sound of the Sport Titan rear silencer accompanies you. The perfect off-road equipment includes the Enduro package with sports suspension. Hand and foot levers are adjustable, so that everything always fits perfectly. The silver Enduro side stand and black engine protection bar give you extra safety. The ConnectedRide Smartphone Cradle supports you in achieving even the most ambitious goals.

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ConnectedRide Navigator and navigation preparation

With the BMW ConnectedRide Navigator, all tours and plans are always with you. Synchronise planned routes and recordings with the BMW Motorrad app through your BMW ID. You can read the 5.5-inch touch display easily, even in direct sunlight. The operation is intuitive via the multi-controller. 

You can retrofit motorbikes without a navigation preparation with the "preparation for navigation devices".

Adjustable hand and foot levers

The adjustable hand levers made of black, anodised aluminium emphasise a unique and sporty look. You can set the handles into five different grip widths and do so easily without tools, even when wearing gloves. The footbrake and gearshift levers can be flexibly fixed in two positions. The gearshift lever can also be rotated in height.

Black single seat bench

The black single seat bench emphasises the sporty character of the bike. At the same time, it serves as an underlay for further luggage if required.

Sport Titan rear silencer

The titanium-clad rear silencer delivers an impressively rich sound and makes a clear statement about the sportiness of the machine, both visually and acoustically.

Silver Enduro side stand

The silver Enduro side support with its large supporting surface ensures a secure stand, especially on soft or loose ground.

Black engine protection bar

The black, high-gloss, coated, stainless-steel engine protection bar kit reduces the risk of damage to the motorbike.

The explorer

Ready for the next expedition

With this version, you'll take the world by storm and enjoy boundless freedom. You integrate your smartphone into your bike via the ConnectedRide Smartphone Cradle and then everything is connected. The aluminium cases offer plenty of storage space, so you can take everything you need with you. Bringing company along with you too? There are extra footrests for your pillion passenger. The tinted, higher windscreen offers maximum travel comfort through improved weather protection, more wind protection and less noise in the helmet area. The centre stand props your bike up securely once you're at your destination.

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Luggage system: 36-litre to 44-litre silver aluminium case and silver aluminium case holder

The perfect solution for touring fans who place the toughest demands on themselves and their materials: The aluminium cases provide 36 and 44 litres of storage space. The robust transport equipment is dust-tight. Many practical details will impress you, even when under extreme conditions. 

The sturdy case holders allow the aluminium cases to be mounted easily and securely. What is more, they accentuate the off-road design of the motorcycle

ConnectedRide Cradle

The ConnectedRide Cradle holds your smartphone, allowing you to use it for navigation while riding. Use the BMW Motorrad Connected app and multi-controller to bring up the navigation map or vehicle data in your field of view. The holder can fit various smartphone sizes and charges smartphones inductively or with a cable.

High, tinted windscreen

The high, tinted windscreen palpably takes the wind pressure off the upper body at higher speeds, thus increasing comfort.

Additional LED headlight

The powerful additional LED headlights give you the visibility you need in poor lighting conditions.

Centre stand

The centre stand makes care and maintenance work on your motorbike easier and allows you to park it in a manner that is secure and takes up little space.

Silver Enduro side stand

The silver Enduro side support with its large supporting surface ensures a secure stand, especially on soft or loose ground.

Rear footrest

The rear footrests with serrated treads offer optimum grip, even with roughly profiled or heavily soiled boots. Thanks to corrosion-resistant cast steel production, the footrests remain rust-free. You can also fold them up when riding solo.

Design your customised F 900 GS

Got any more ideas? Choose from the wide range of special equipment and original BMW Motorrad accessories and customise your motorbike according to your own preferences.

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